Featured Artist

 ROSA  LINDA  vocalist extraordinaire  

"Rosa Linda is a truly authentic artist. She feels the music, the lyrics, the story, deep down in her soul. She has a very distinctive sound, and sings from the heart. Most of all, Rosa Linda conveys a deep understanding of what it means to be a storyteller. I truly admire her, and believe that great things lie ahead in her musical career. "

Robert Folk, PhD  (2019)  acclaimed film 

music  composer/conductor,  songwriter & 

music  producer                                        

After Midnight

 Rosa Linda channels her indigenous roots with a powerful original song called "After Midnight," featuring Frank Salcido on guitar and Aaron McKay on bass. 

Rosa Linda behind the Scenes

Night Scene


The street beats of Portland and late night Portland scene is where Rosa currently lives and performs.

Radio Interviews


Always a favorite of  the Portland radio scene where she  is constantly  interviewed  and sings live for the radio audience



At rehearsals she loves collaborating with other artists and experimenting with different genres of music.  

Photo Shoots


Rosa Linda and Frank posing for their upcoming album cover

Outdoor Concerts


She loves performing at Portland outdoor concert events.